lyssa's Diary!
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2003-12-21 18:42:39 (UTC)

a poem.... its bad but i wrote it on the spot kinna

In The Begining i hurt you so much so many times
but learned so we could both see beyond the lines

we were so happy soon after
then when my heart grew and became softer

my smiles and love grew from your deep look in your eyes
i knew then i could tell you no more lies

you went after your dream, and i cheered you on
who knew now you would be soon long gone

you decided to get back at me from the begining
i thought i deserved it so i said no to leaving

you came back and yelled and hit me
maybe i was just too scared to flee?

i was attatched and scared of pain
but wishing we were that couple that was yet so plain.

you soon left thousands of miles away
even though u said u would always stay

we both soon learned that it was hard and agreed to live
our own lives as if no one cared

10 months go by, and i get an email
i soon turned pale.

he wanted another chance i had no way of saying no
a month later it became a blow

now 1 month and 2 weeks later my good friend and him hurt
me and started talking
i soon learned my place and started walking.

im here now 4 days till christmas which would have been 2
yrs and 6 months.

Pain in my heart once again im hoping it would go away
sense he decided not to stay :(

-Alyssa Carter

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