C'est moi and I'm not french
2003-12-20 21:40:13 (UTC)


So I just got back from the counsler. i don't think that
talking through every little issue is going to make
everything better.... I said that i feel like no one
notices me and now i am on suicide watch... fun fun... last
night i had charlie and paul and deannah over. Charlie is
cute hes a dork like paul but i love dorks. I would get one
of those shirts if they won't so gay and if everyone and
their mom didn't have one... I got the saves the day stay
what you are cd... it is very good. most of the lyrics are
way dark but the melody is so cheery. I think that charlie
i may like him... wow talking backwards there. He is sweet
but chances are he doesnt like me. Every single teenager
thinks that no one understands their problems when everone
goes through the same things...

there are only so many emotions to feel'

thats it