Jordie Bee
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2003-12-20 18:54:37 (UTC)


Dear diary,
I think that's what I'm supposed to say rite??Anywayz,
My name is Jordan Nichole Burch I'm 13 and I live in Elk
City Ok. I'm tall,and I have blond hear blue eyez and
yeah...That's bout all. Some of my friends are
Rachel,Brittany,Molly,Mandie,Meg,Shawnda,Haley,Aspen,and a
lotta others. I think I'm a really lucky person. Having all
these friends and living Tha's cheezy but..I am.
I really love my life. It is challenging at times but yeah
it's good. Why hate something God gave you?? Ya know?? Well
anywayz that's just a lil bit about myself.

Ok let's just start with I'm kinda "breakable". When
your "breakable" you really get sad easily.. So if your on
here planning to blackmail me, Just remember! Your gonna
break my little heart... No just kiddin. I would be mad tho.
I really am thought of as a wimp..Or so I think I am.. You
know nobody really has the right to think that. Someday
when I'm really mad.. I may just open a can! So don't mess
w/ me! lol. Along with being "breakable" and a wimp, I have
a bad temper. Or my mom thinks so. (Oh and rachel too) don't tick me off! anywayz, Becides all those things
I'm pretty good..Well I dunno what els to say. So g2g!

Jordie Bee--*

One more thing..My spelling is atrocious. (bad) however you
spell it.?

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