2003-12-20 18:31:13 (UTC)

psycho stalker penis.


i had so much fun last night. we just played and i got
pretty trashed and my mom got really really fucked up, she
got sick, and it was fun.

except for. when fuckhead SHOWS up. i told him i'd be with
dawn and sebastien last night, and he was like fine. but
he just randomly shows up knocking on the door. so
sebastien takes matt into the bathroom to hide, brings dawn
into the living room, they sit down, and my mom answers the
door. he comes in, looking around, hes like "i just wanted
to say hi.." and im like fuck you, let me walk you out
right now. so im like "WHAT is your problem!" and hes
like "it's not like im checking up on you, i just wanted to
say hi." and im like "FUCK you you have no right. do you
trust me now???" and hes like no. and i turned around to
come in and hes like "i guess i'll see you tomorrow" and im
like "we'll see about that."

i was pissed. how dare he come in here checking on me,
making an ass of himself, embarassing me like that??? poor
matt. my mom told him not to hide but he did. that is over
the line, out of control, not acceptable fucking behavior.
im still pissed.

and i talked to matt... because danelle said something
about him liking some girl yesterday, and i could tell he
was acting weird, but of course he came over when i asked
him to. but somehow, everyone ended up in the kitchen, i
guess when the pizza came. but hes like "im sorry if i
was acting weird" and im like thats okay, danelle told me
why. and hes like what did she say. and im like it doesnt
matter really. and hes like im just talking to this girl..
and im like okay. and hes like "but i feel kind
of differently again now, being around your friends and
your mom.." and im like "what do you mean" and hes
like "sebastiens so cool and your moms great and i was so
nervous about meeting her but shes so great" and i was like
yeah. and hes like its just that i cant keep my hopes up
forever, even though i want to.. you know what i mean. and
im like yeah. and i start, i no sooner open my mouth to
say "look, you should know, im hung up on caroline, i cant
get rid of this asshole, im a crazy bitch..." i open my
mouth and theres sebastien, hes like "stop!! what are you
doing!! dont talk!!! ... look, matt. adrienne has a six
month rule. she doesnt think about dating anyone until she
knows them for six months at least, so that they know what
a crazy bitch she is. she has some problems." and then
everyone came out and the conversation was over.

but i feel better. i really like hanging out with him,
and i feel bad because im not at all attracted to him. and
i feel the way i felt about richard, he was a good guy and
he would do anything for me and i thought that was enough.
but i learned my lesson from that. and its not enough.
and it does bug me to think about him liking another girl,
even though it shouldnt. but i dont want to fuck with
anyone elses world.

although hahahahahaha. sebastien and i EGGED that bitchs
house and car. FUCK HER. lol it was the best feeling
ever. that'll teach her to fuck with my mother.

i think im guna go get another tattoo tonight or
really soon i want to really bad. im guna get my star
fixed and get the other side. yeah. i have to go get
pictures and take a nap.