lyssa's Diary!
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2003-12-20 07:22:52 (UTC)

My "friend" Melissa's Diary.. wut u think?

Yesterday was wonderful.. I talked to AJ from like 6pm
until 9 then i let him go, he emailed me telling me i was
very very pretty then i emailed him and asked him to get
online he did we talked about how we felt about eachother
and we decided to try and make a relationship of our
friend ship Its so awsome how much we have in commen. We
love the 49ers, the lakers, our fav foods everything u can
think about we got it in commen seriously.. the 1st night
we talked.. we talked until 530am we had a great covo but
after we finsihed talking yesterday on the computer he
called me and we talked until about 2 something he is
soooooo sweet its amazing he is soooooo good to me.. He
tells me how pretty i am all the time he sings to me.. its
beautiful He invited me to goto miami in January when he
moves there i cant wait .. i'll go well i have to goo see

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