2003-12-20 04:35:53 (UTC)

work can really suck

ugggg school is over and break had started!!! how fun
right? well ive always worked but only on night a week
really because i dont want to overload myself... its not
fun.. well anyway as u all know i work as a cna...
basically i wipe asses and the last two nights have been
hell and i dont have my reassuring hugs right at hand :o(
it sucks... last night i found one of my patients naked
half on her bed laying i her own puke i guess she had a
minor stroke... it was really sad and then not to mention i
had a patient play with her shit... that was nasty and then
i also had 3 combative patients... it sucks when u have to
take it because u cant hit back.... well and then tonight
the power went out... u know how bad it sucks trying to
take care of 12 patients when its pitch dark and u have no
power on flashlights... its not very fun and they dont like
it either... well needless to say it sucks and tomorrow i
have to work a 12 hour... not very fun but moneys money i
guess well since i dont have my special reassuring hugs
anymore i guess im gonna have to go hug up to my body
pillow and dream of things and people. night night

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