Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2001-10-09 06:37:19 (UTC)

turkey days

Well, on Saturday night a bunch of us went to the Falls
for K's birthday and it was great! The girls went out to
the rippers then we all partied at the hotel. J and I got a
room and yup, we had sex for our first time together. Three
times :) Hehe, he's a sweety...a real good one. We spent
the next two days together too, visiting our families for
dinner and stuff. Tonight we came back to his house and
relaxed, watched tv then had sex again! I really really
like him, I'm glad things are going so well between us and
I do hope we'll be together for a long time..
Back to work tomorrow, it was a good long weekend!! It
went by far too quickly though.

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