Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-12-20 00:51:56 (UTC)

Its been over a week since I..

Its been over a week since I wrote anything - and that was
in the book rather than online. Hopefully, this'll get the
benefit of both. It might not.

So why now? 2 reasons.

1. I've got to listen to Human Conditions by Richard
Ashroft to see if its buggered up. It might have. Tracks
11 & 12 seemed dodgy (I know. They were bonii)

2. I've got really bad stomach cramps. I've tried
everything - bathing, moisturising. My lungs have shrunk
this week, too. I reckon they're about 85% their original
size now. True story.

Anyway, where was I going. We have some guests over the
weekend, so my writing will be stilted (Hush, witty London
critic) and I probably won't get anything else done.
However, I might.

This is another of those 'pity me, I deserve better'
moments so turn away now. Really, if you don't like me why
are you here? Do you enjoy watching me fail? Are you a
university lecturer? Do I owe you money?

Anyway, fatigue has struck

WILT? Human Conditions.