Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-12-19 23:24:35 (UTC)

A present is mailed...

Yeah today I decided to send my gift to Astrid... I
hope that when she looks at it, she'll think of me where
ever I am. She said she got me...well half of one gift
ready and the other she'll get on monday!! lol I'm so
curious and happy. I shouldn't get too curious of what she
got me or else I might start guessing! hmm... ah, oh well I
love her so much. We had a litte fun with each other on the
internet today again if you know what I mean! ;)Shes so
adorable and perfect... I am not worthy of such a nice girl.
I'm a little hesitative when I think about visiting
her one day... I mean what if we're too shy to talk or if
we can't get used to being with each other? Well, I'm going
to fight against that part in my head and be as close to
her as I can get! I'm so in love with her its like crazy!
But anyways, thats about all for today I want to talk to
her more!! Bye