Ma Monde
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2003-12-19 22:56:28 (UTC)

From Dan

Dont worry i am fine, i just was upset you were so mean
about it, i just wanted to try it and i didn't even like
it..theres nothing great about i said last night
it was just confusing all sorts of crazy shit haha...and
lots of stupidity...i dont want people looking down on me
for one little thing, im not going to do it again..i
promise you that and myself...i dont want to do it, and i
do have the will power to stop myself lol! im not upset
with you, i was until i got your email but now im
better...i dont want you do think different though..i of
course feel that you will :- but there is nothign i can
do about that...pot -IS- for people like john and them
because its stupid..its for losers who would rather spend
their night all confused then with their friends (like
you)...which is what i want to do, no more pot for me ;)
sorry if i 'ditched' you too lol it wasn't like that...i
didn't want to upset you...i just felt so stressed lately
and peer pressure was so strong from all of them...and
then there was curiosity and then BAM haha...but im sorry
and i couldn't say it enough...i'd rather not talk too
much about it though cause i feel like utter shit when i
do...but i dont want to loose you as a friend :( i hope
you still want to be mine, oh and explain why the party is
cancelled ... or is it just post-poned?

Much happiness is brought upon me.