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2003-12-19 19:02:53 (UTC)

Things are looking up surprisingly

Well everyone who told me that time would make everything
better sure were right. He and I are talking now and
things are pretty good which is surprising. We talk on the
phone every once in a while for 16 minutes or so and we've
started writing each other emails too. I really don't want
to get my hopes up and then be disappointed but I can't
help but fantisize...he is going to be in town for New
Years this year I think and that would be a perfect time
to play, flirt and maybe even talk. I decided that I want
the upper hand and i will definetly not let him know that
I am thinking about him every single second of the day.
Maybe if I play hard to get he will realize that he does
want me back and that he has made a horrible mistake. And
then everything will go back to normal and I will be super
happy again.
Ok today I exempted all my finals but I still went into
Strings to talk to everyone and deliever some presents to
teachers. well Sean attacked me again and gave me a hug
and what not and I got scared. Duncan watched and laughed
but then afterwards he would keep imitating Sean and
gesturing for me to give him a hug. Boy oh boy did I want
to hug him but I wasn't sure if he was just doing an
impression or not and so I didn't and just kinda shrugged
it off. After class, we walked together upstairs and he
followed me down the hall and he brought up sean again and
I kinda just looked at him cause I was really confused as
to if he was being serious or not and so it was a little
awkward and then duncan put his books down and gve me a
huge hug... and yeah, my heart was racing and I had to try
with all my might to whipe off the HUGE smile I had on my
face. Wow!!! My heart was racing as I walked away and my
eyes were huge with awe and a smile was pastered on my
face. While I was driving home, I was singing and smiling
happy music really loud... it may sounds weird but when I
sing like that I get this amazing feeling that creeps up
from my soul and then when it reaches my mouth, my voice
cracks a little and I start laughing. It probly sounds
really weird but it is a hard feeling to explain. haha! So
thinks are looking up! I will definetly keep you updated
and tell you what happens! Pray for me and maybe things
will start to go back fine and dandy! Bye bye!

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