Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-12-19 17:33:53 (UTC)

Find My Way Back To You...

So ya i noticed I hadn't written in here in a while so i
figured..what the hell..but its gonna be like bits and
pieces of whats been goin on since its been such a long
time...Im home for chrismtas break..its actually pretty
boring cuz no one else is home yet and i dunno theres
really not a lot to do in i miss i
can always just go to her room and chill and that would be
my entertainment for the nite :(...ill see her it
snowed like while i was still in school lol i dunno what
day..ya but newayz we borrowed cafeteria trays from these
girls downstairs and went sledding..omg it was the
shit..haha we got some great ya chrissy got me my
nitelite..which i sadly use a lot..for chrismtas..i got
kelly a photo album and this oreo thing from walmart..she
spent like 50 bucks on me cuz i know where she got all her
stuff from and i well...didnt lol...theres a lot of stuff i
wanna write about in here but i am sworn to secrecy cuz i
dunno if neone still reads this and if i write it my eyes
will be scratched out i am SOOOO confused lately..i
think i gonna call him walter cuz again i dunno
who reads ya i dunno i liked him b4 for a while
but then he got a gf and i think theyre still goin out but
i dunno...i need someone cuz im lonely...and i told maris
that i was gonna be sad is that..i dont wanna
end up like her lol...but newayz i dunno i saw walter the
other day and we didnt really talk but we talk online
sometimes and i gettin a snowboard
dads buyin it for us for chrismtas..and i was sayin how i
really wanted a flip phone and he pretty much said we were
gettin that too..YEAH!!...ok im off