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2003-12-19 15:38:23 (UTC)

Owen's Birthday Dinner

We decided to take Owen out to dinner for this birthday and
invited John's parents to join us. Afterwards we went to
their house for cake and ice cream. We had a lovely evening.

I decorated the tree and, as usual, put the boys' first
ornaments on the tree last, except for the star tree topper.
They are all glass ornaments. I don't know what possessed
me to buy them such fragile ornaments but so far they've
survived. However, after I put out all four of their
ornaments I put on the star topper which fell. When I
looked at the glass ornaments I saw that Owen's Rudolph
ornament was missing. It's fallen somewhere into the tree's
branches. I got a flashlight and looked and looked but
haven't found it. I told Owen his reindeer had apparently
made a break for it. I'm thinking of offering a cash reward
for the safe return of Rudolph. I don't think he's broken;
I think he's just lost but I'd feel better if we found him.

I bought two dozen vintage glass ornaments from a vendor on
Ebay and am awaiting their arrival to add them to the tree.
I believe that one can never have enough tree ornaments. I
do have some limits however; no tinsel, no lights and no
plastic. My ornaments are family ornaments, vintage
ornaments and handmade ornaments. They're made of paper,
wood, glass, wax, and fabric. Tomorrow I want to finish
decorating. I'm almost done but not quite.

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