Ma Monde
2003-12-19 04:46:33 (UTC) fun.

Well, 10 years from now, I want to look back and see the
loser I here we go.

Legal Name: Brittany Nicole Mitchell
Preferred name: Sydney, Chesleigh
DOB: 09/28/86
Movie: Donnie Darko, Vanilla Sky, something along those
Show: Will and Grace, The OC
Band: Ahhh, Incubus, Dashboard ConfessionalRadiohead,
Smashing Pumpkins and Duncan
Sheik. So many bands I'm discovering now, it's hard to
have a favorite anymore. Oh! New Incubus CD comes out Feb.
3rd! I'll be the first in VB to own it. I'll be in the
Walmart CD section at 11:30 ....just like Dashboard! haha
Color: Sage Green, Crimsom Red, and Blue? Black's nice too.
Subject: French
Season: Fall
Weather: Storms, and Rain....lightening, thunder, strong
winds on a warm day.

Education (Collge plans)
What grade are you in now? SENIOR!!!!
Where are you planning to go to College? Arkansas Tech
accepted me on a tuition scholarship! Very happy bout that!
Major: French!! Whoo yeah!
Co-Ed/Same Sex dorm: Co-ed
Room with a friend/stranger/solo? Ummm, preferably solo,
but seeing that I don't get a full ride, more so a
Partier?: Ummm, a little ::innocent giggle::
Studier?: Well, of course, I do want a future ya know?
Will you date?: Of course....that is if I get lucky enough
to be asked out.

How do you percieve yourself...
What's your best feature? Ummm....I honestly hate the way
I look. I've been told that my eyes are nice I guess....
What would you change about yourself? Well, if I wasn't so
abnormally fat, I may look somewhat decent.
Are you creative? I guess....not too much as I wish I was,
but more creative than others.
Are you smarter than most people? Hell yeah, have you seen
our society. I'm not a genius or anything, but everyone is
a dumbass these days! Jesus!

How innocent are you...
Cuss?: This girl has the mouth of a sailor.
Flirted?: Of course.
Dated?: Yeah, a little.
Serious?: Somewhat, never "went out" though.
Held Hands?: A couple of times.
Kissed?: Umm, truth or dare does not count.
Touched body parts?:, passed the point of
holding hands.
Oral Sex?: No
Cyber?: No
Intercourse--w/ or w/o a condom?: No
Pregent/pregnated?: No
Have you ever drank alcohol?: Yes.
Parents know?: Yes, my mom gives it to me.
Smoke?: No
Pot?: No
Harder drugs, if yes which ones?: No, N/A

Thanks for taking the survey!