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2003-12-19 04:39:48 (UTC)

My first good day in a while :)

Today was pretty decent :) im excited that i have something
positive to write in this thing.. yea i had a few rough
spots but i dont totally regret the day! Im proud of
myself! Well, lets start it off w/ one of the two bad
things taht happend, just to get it over with, i got a 79%
on my english exam, i dont know whats my problem in that
class! Oh well, new semester, new chance... but the way i
look at my grade is that i got 79 questions right out of a
hunderd.. i only missed 21... in my eyes i think thats
pretty damn good, except the whole grading scale/letter
grades makes it look bad, oh well but the rest of the class
we watched a christmas story adn i love that movie "you'll
shoot your eye out" "i want a red rider bb gun with a clip
and this thingy that tells time" ahhh classic... anyway,
second period was ok, we had our exam and i know i aced it
(nebraska cornhuskers rule baby!!) and then third period we
watched toy story 2 again, but i said screw that and slept,
and slept into 4th period where i was rudely woken up by AJ
and Tepe, god i hate those two, so freaking immature, and
then i fell back asleep but woke up to emily slapping me on
the head... bitch... ha... US history... we had a f'ing
notebook test that emily i cheated on sooo bad! he's going
to catch onto emily going "AHHH HMMMM COUGH COUGH COUGH
AHHH AMMMMM" really loud or me going "emmmmmily" really
loud and waving my hand, lol, my teacher is a dumbass!
trig... our exam went well, i think i did pretty decent but
ill find out for sure tomorrow afternoon... trig, oh man,
another story there... thats where the day looked a lil bad
for a while, ben flessiner needs to keep his f'ing mouth
shut bc he really pissed me off today and i started crying
but no one saw, wow im really beginning to hate that
class... i was extremely bored in there bc the net was down
and i didn't want to talk to anyone... but ya after school
em and i went shopping, my boss called me and i asked if i
wanted to work, so i did, im in desperate need of cash!!
yea but after work i came home and called kyle... he was in
a bad mood for reasons im not going to mention, bc its his
business, lol, but anyway, supposedly i made him happy, but
i think it was bc he was making fun of me (ahh hmm...
jerk!!) bc im a librarian or some shit like that... oh
well, hes a player and its all good (ha so there kyle!)
lol im jus kiddin :)
But anyway, im gonna go watch a lil tv and pray for a snow
day tomorrow! oh yea speaking of that, that is what i
forgot to write... on my way home from work tonite, as i
was turning off the main road of my subdivision, into my
community... my car did a complete 360! it was the scariest
thing and i almost shit my pants! thank god im ok, my cars
ok, and nothing was around me at the time!! but i cant tell
my parents this bc then they wont trust my car in this
weather... -- not good! bc im already grounded and shit,
god i hate my family, i feel like im on house arrest all
the time and i hate my house, wait i mean the square box i
live in stacked up on each other also known as our
apartment... which by the way, i was woken up by that
freaking baby upstairs at 3 last nite, grrrrr im going to
explode!!!! im moving out in exactley 8 months 28 days...
ill be 18 baby.. now i just gotta find a place to live...
i've had a few offers ;) and i know where id like to go but
it would never happen... oh well... im going to sleep soon!
leave me a note on this thing so you can let a chick know
you care about her! ;)

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