Ma Monde
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2003-12-19 04:26:51 (UTC)


OMG! My best friend ditched me to go smoke pot! WTF?!
Jesus Christ, I suffered a whole night watching little
Hellians, hoping that afterward, we could watch a movie or
hang out or SOMETHING. Then, why should I be surprised?
But his brother and his friends were doing pot in the
garage....and he's gonna go "try it," and is ditching me
in the process of it. First off, it pissed me off that
he's falling into that shit. It's not good for you, and I
know damn well, he'll do it again. And second off, he's
doing something illegal in place of spending time with his
best friend. Ok----fuck this. I'm going to bed!

BTW: No school for the rest of the year! Yeah, biotch!