lyssa's Diary!
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2003-12-19 03:21:05 (UTC)

my day! LOL

my day started late LOL.. i woke up hella late. i was
running around getting ready, and my friend said ok that he
will still drive me hehe wat a nice guy! ne ways i told
brandon (the guy who was driving me) everything that
happend the night b4, and i started to cry again and he was
like "hey its gonna be ok" i just didnt understand why i
did to deserve the pain ya know? a question i still need to
ask AJ. then i went to school. drama. we just kinna sat
there and did nuthin... aerobics... we did 8 min buns, and
8 min abs, and then worked on our reports in that class
(yes we have reports) and then i went to 3rd. i talkedto
friends and pretty much did nuthin, lunch, i ate talked to
my friend Jessie and her b/f chad and raylene and her b/f
Jessie.. lol i know! then went ot 4th and had a test it was
pretty easy i was shocked.. watched a movie and yet again
fell asleep in that class... i need to stop doin that.
went home, and talked online with some ppl, and then
brandon came over and we kicked it and listend to music and
laughed. and then matt called me this guy whos hella cool,
but hes gone this weekend so it was kinna like "oh" cuzi
wasnted to hang with him this weekend! but yea im bout to
get into the shower, and thats about it.! oh oh oh today in
aerobics i had fun soo much (im sorta skipping around but
hey its my diary!) me and Rashel were singing Nsync songs !
lol... they were playing and we just screamed and started
singing! we were crazy nsync fans! lol ok ttyl!