lyssa's Diary!
2003-12-19 03:13:37 (UTC)

ugh... my night

ok well last night it was prolly the worst. my friend told
me (the one talken to aj lately) that hes been talken alot
of crap about me, and said everything! i couldnt believe
how bad it was, and how he put me down. he made up alot of
lies. i was already bothered that he was callen her and she
was talken to him, but then i find out them talken about me
and wat he was sayen? i was also really hurt cuz she was my
friend, and i trusted her not to talk to him, seriously...
i mean she was my friend, theres that rule where u never
talk to a friends Ex. i kept thinken of that in my head,
and then she told me she would stop and then it kinna got
turned around and said she really couldnt cuz he was hte
godfather of her baby, that shocked me.she also made me
promise i couldnt tell aj what she said to me. at first i
was like ok, but then i realized how bad it was, and i
couldnt let this slide, i called him prolly a million times
but he never answered, so i resorted to an email. i told
him EVERYTHING, and i TXT him to answer his phone, i think
he realized then i was mad. (hehe htey were a bit mean)
thats when i realized he was ignring me. i was soo mad at
my friend though, i was hurt by AJ i mean i was like
twitching and shaking, and crying i didnt know what to
think ne more. he was sayen things to her he said to me,
and singing her songs that he sang to me, and it was just
so hurtful. my friend was mad cuz i was telling AJ, but i
couldnt just let him slide. but i talked to her and we
decided were not gonna talk to AJ, i hope she follows
through. i didnt get to bed till about 3 am. and i woke up
so damn late for school. ugh that was night

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