the excitingness of my life
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2003-12-19 02:47:38 (UTC)


i was in the 3rd floor bathroom cleaning my arms thanks to
frank, ali and kevin who were writing on me in long algebra
and thanks to mrs. collins who made me wash it off. so
like im in the bathroom right and i push the button to make
soap come out of the dispenser and as soon as i saw it i
was like whoa semen! dude this soap honsetly looks exactly
like semen its scary.... i was just so amused by the semen
saop i had to show everyone at history club today now they
all think im crazy.. hmmmmmm wonder why? seriously though
if u want to see it for yourself gon to the 3rd floor
girl's bathromm and check it out! bye now! fare thee well
my young grasshoppers.....DIANA!!!!!!!!

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