Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-12-19 00:49:54 (UTC)

VICTORY IS MINE:But at what price?

I managed to do the waking up for the cricket, and it was
very good too. Although I missed all 4 wickets. (Nice
work). I was satisfied. I look, now, absolutely awful. My
eyes look....terrible. I look....awful. And there's no end
in sight yet.

My love life (If it can be so described) came under
scrutiny today. I don't know....there's somebody for me to
look at (In a metaphorical sense. I'm not sat there all
day staring at them. I don't dream of a life with a
crossword. I already have one of those).

We've got our phones back.

I wish my life WAS as simple as I live it.

WILT? Radio 4 - The thing, not the band. 198LW.