Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-12-19 00:46:34 (UTC)

Let's Stay At The...Over-Used Joke.

There was an article about Paris Hilton & her current
predicament in today's Independent. Now, I'm not the
world's biggest Paris Hilton fan...well, I'm
not....there's something about her that I find very
alluring that I don't see in her sister (Maybe her eyes)
but I don't have full respect for the way she leads her
life (At least in the public eye)

But she's been completely niged by these tapes that have
come out. If it were something less private, I'd have said
she probably deserved it, but this was a dish from the
devil himself. I will NOT be hunting it out. (Aside - my
aversion to pornography continues. I just plain don't like
it. As you can make out from some of the things I say and
describe, I much prefer the power of suggestion. In
everything. I prefer subtle and elegant over hard and
coarse (I was oddly thinking about free kicks when I wrote

Back to what I outlined in the aside. Unnecessary really.

Other news. Got paid. Won R.E.M. shirt. Ordered CDRW. All
good. Still lonely. WILL get R.E.M.'s Norwich gig though.
Oh, yes.

WILT? All The Way To Reno. I bought AFTP on Vinyl today. I
only need Pageant, Up, Monster and Document now. I've got