Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-12-19 00:38:45 (UTC)


I had quite a lonely day, spent it feeling quite sorry for
myself. What worries me is this. If, say, I get sacked
it'll be because I don't do enough. I'm doing more than
enough. I did the best part of the Income Support filing
for today, too - what they would have taken an hour to do
I got done in 15 minutes at most. OK, I WAS going fast
deliberately, but even at normal speed....

And I've become like a nominal king of the filestore.
People come to me for advice, for everything. I've made it
all my own and more can be asked for, yet.

Anyhow, moving on. My £1 on Arsenal winning 3-1 was
wasted. Shame. My other £4 was wasted too. Nice.

Moving on. I can't get my Champ to work any more. I AM
gutted. I'll have to gander tomorrow for 01/02 cheap. It
has compare, so I think it'll be that. If that doesn't
work? Cry. A lot. Oswestry were going to be great.

Oh, and I've got a great 'Saw this and thought of you'.

Damon's Democrazy is only out on Vinyl. Which is good.
I'll need my new stylus now to listen to it. Which is £13.
Or NZ$36. Or something. My Ashes ties might arrive
tomorrow. Great.

WILT? Silent Sigh. Wish it was the KCRW version, I take my
hand off to that whole performance.