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2003-12-18 21:32:35 (UTC)

Falling Leaves (October - November)

Sorry I haven't really upto date with events but i'll try
to elaborate every defining event of the 2 months.

Today (2nd) I heard that Ron was going out with Baz, from
Baz himself. I was yeah thats good and stuff, next day on
faceparty chat they started bitching at me. He had no
reason to do it. This just illustrated what a childish and
ill minded person Baz was. Anyone that upsetted Ron in the
past he seemed to have a go at. Nope not really, just at
me. He wanted to slag me off and in order to do so he would
have to have a good enough reason. I was laughing my head
Ron is a very weak minded person, uneducated and simple. I
kinda feel sorry for him but there are ways for him to
change. Hes also a compulsive liar and cheats on people.
The thing was that I wanted him and Baz to stay together as
long as possible, in time I know that eventually they will
tear eachother apart and Baz would be made to look the
fool. Enough about them they can do whatever they like.

Doing the next few weeks all I mostly been doing is going
to Uni, hanging out with my friends and not doing much else.

7th- This was the Friday leading upto Phils house party.
His mum was going to New Zealand for a month to visit
family and he had the house to himself over the course of
this month. I had a law seminar that morning but I didn't
go because well the guy was disorganised and the work was
very tedious and also that Phil asked me to go shopping to
buy food for people the next day. We went to Safeways in
Croydon and had a bit of a laugh while shopping. We went
around for a bit and I bought a knife (don't ask me why),
because it was cheap at Woolworths. We said our goodbyes
and I rendevous with Michael and Hayley for the law seminar
at 3. Tiring day but it was ok. I didn't go back to Phils
instead I went home because I had work the next morning.

8th - The day of the party. I went to work and after I had
finished I went home and bought some stuff for the party. I
arrived at his house around 2ish and he answered the door.
Then he dragged me to the kitchen and told me Ron was here.
I was a bit shocked, not because Ron was there but the fact
that he failed to mention it to me. Phil left me in the
kitchen and I was working my way through the food. He went
and picked up Andrew (yes my ex from 5 months back) and
Paul who I knew of but never met. While I was slaving in
the kitchen, Ron, James and Dan were in the living room
chatting and stuff. Dan came in around 3.30 to see how I
was doing we chatted for a bit talking about our lives, our
preferences in men and how we know eachother and stuff.
Around 5 Phil came back with Paul and Andy. I gave Andy a
hug because I haven't seen him in such a long time and oh
well it was nice to see him. Later every got together in
the living room and was chatting and stuff, watching TV and
just basically doing stupid things (mostly getting drunk).
It must have been around 11ish and everyone wanted to go
the petrol station to go buy some cigarettes. We all went
out and made our way there climbing over a backdrop behind
the house which was full of hills. After the trek to the
petrol station we backtracked to the house. James and Dan
went to bed early (midnight) and after around 20 min I
went to bed at the bottom of Phil's bunk bed. At 2am I
heard loud footsteps running up the stairs. I heard the
door to the room on the other side opened and heard "OH MY
GOD!". It was Phil, and then he continued saying "OH MY
GOD, WAKE UP THAI NOW!". Phil came bursting in his bedroom
and said "Thai! They're having a mass orgy next door!" I
replied "How can you have a mass orgy with just 2 people!"
Turned out that Andy went in there where Dan and James were
sleeping and....
So anyway I went back to sleep, thinking that Phil is a
total cunt for waking me up.

November 8th (the Sunday after)- It must have been around
7ish that Phil came upstairs and jumped in bed with me. He
finally fell asleep but I couldn't really sleep well
because he kept trying to hug me. So I got up around 8ish
and served everyone breakfast. Dan and James came down
first and I made them tea and beans on toast. We chatted
for a bit and they were play fighting with eachother. Paul
came down but he had to leave asap. Phil came down
afterwards and I made him tea. Ron and Andy soon came down
and made them the same. We then got our stuff and we ready
to go around 2ish. The idiot Ron had no money on him so I
had to help him get home. I don't know why, maybe it was
the right thing to do, but he is one of a few people I wish
that I don't have to deal with ever. I led him back to
mines and told him how to get home etc. That was the last I
saw of him.

This month was a reflection of how people can change. To me
it was about me becoming a better person. A famous chinese
proverb "Falling Leaves always return to their roots". The
year is almost over and I've grown up so much. I've learnt
that love is a fragile thing, and I still don't know what
it is. But in some funny way I know its going to happen to
me, as long as i'm honest about how I feel and keep my
friends close to my heart....