DayDream Believer
2003-12-18 20:51:07 (UTC)

My sweet boyfriend

Dossnt see my needs. He dont have time for me right now,
but are upset I didt come to his place today.
Yesterday I waited the whole day to see if he called or
sendt a message on how my psychology exam went, but he
didnt.I called min about 11pm. He was exhusted, stil on his
job, but when I started talking he rememberd that today was
the day. But I didnt feel like telling him then. No one
else has asked eather, so Im gonna let you be the first to
I didnt fail, but I didnt go to well eather, I got an c..
This was my second exam at university, ever. I was hoping
for a b. an a would have been unpissible. But I think the
muliple choice test ruined it. Im not sure Im gonna ask how
thay sat my grade, Im gonna in ex.fac and then complain
about it I think.
Im so upset because I failed, I wassnt supose to fail this
one. I didnt deserve it. I passed my French exam and I dont
even know french! That I didnt deserve, this I did!!

Me and Tommy had a nother fight today on sms/thelephone. He
was supose to be at my place in Christmas. As you know his
family are not verry good. My are, exept from my father
(but no one in the family knows it but me, my mom and two
His mother and sister are going to his sisters fathers
family. (its not even his step family, cause its not his
step father)Well, they wassnt there last year and the
grandma is a verry hard woman so she insisted that her son
and granddougher came this year, with no choice.
Tommys grandmother (also his sisters)are where Tommy wanted
to go, and normally goes to for Christmas. But she are
going to her sonns place. Hes a nice man indeed, but he
lives 40 minutes away and they come to see her top 4 times
a year. If she wants to see them, she has to come. So then
it was only Tommy and his mother with no place to go, so he
said yes to come at my place. His mother are then going to
her motherinlaw with her child and boyfriend. She was not
to happy about spending the christmas there.
We dont feel sorry about them, last year she and Emmas
father was verry drunk the whole christmas. As I said Emmas
grandmother is a hard woman and things like that will not
happend in her Christmas!
Im so happy for Emma:-)

We`re having fich christmas eve, Tommy dont like it, and
feel that its no christmas without the food they eat in his
family. So he asked one of his aunts if he could come and
eat there, it was his grandmothers suggestion.
It was okey with her, but then she wanted him to stay for
the gifts to. Or else it would be wird.
This woman have two grown children, and shes asking her ex-
husband to come (for there childrens sake) with his new
wife and two new children to stay for Chrismas!
Thats wird!
But I think its a verry nice thing to do, to bad not all
divorce people with children get that allong. But her are

Tommy said he would let her know in the weekend. I was a
bit upset, but now I dont care anymore.
It might be better this way. Im probobly a mess the whole
christmas and he will only disapoint me. It might sound
wired if he`s with his aunt, instead of his mother and
sister, grandmother or girlfriend, the way I see it, the
aunt is number forth. Im not to sure he wants to stay
there eather.
Well, well, thers more to come.