My Un-interesting Life (O.K. there may b
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2003-12-18 20:38:37 (UTC)


Slowley I walk, dragging my feet on the ground.
Not lookinig up to see what's around.
I know it is true.
It was right on cue.
When he said it,
I knew it.
I knew she was dead.

How it happened, isn't all clear.
This car came up, it was odvious that it couldn't stear
and that's all I remember.
The rest was a blur.

I wake up in a bed.
I'm being fed.
The docters explain it.

I was with her after dinner, walking her home.
We were crossing the street, the street by the dome.
Then this car came up
It was a bright blue color.
I pulled her out of the way.

But it was too late.
The car hit her and the rest is history.

She died,
Because of that drunk.