2003-12-18 18:29:04 (UTC)


Fear005 [1:17 PM]: If you are alseep Friday I am going to
get ICE COLD water and dump it on you I am NOT kidding! And
I wouldn't care if you hated me or bitched me out b/c you
know I fucking love it when your like that so Friday you
better be awake or you will be waking up from your nice
little dream of fucking Caroline to ICE COLD water all over
LaDiDaGrl [1:17 PM]: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LaDiDaGrl [1:18 PM]: arent you sassy today!!
Fear005 [1:18 PM]: Yes actually its that time of the

i love that boy.

im so glad dawns here. we're about to go shopping.
yesterday i was telling danelle how excited i was, and shes
like "can i just tell you how many red lights i see with
you" and im like what and shes like "youre so lonely and
you just need to lose him"

yeah i do.

so i did some cleaning and wrapping presents and sorting
all my baby pictures, threw out everything from my
unfamily, it was therapeutic i think, in many ways. im
guna try and finish both my scrapbooks so i can take them
to indiana.


well im guna go try to find somethin for miss claudia and
get that one thing for caroline and if she has it i'll keep
it hahaha.

thats for everybody i love. all 3 of you.