once again
2003-12-18 07:39:42 (UTC)

I don't know

I didn't talk to him at all today, not even a phone call.
I worked all day and he was supposed toget off early and
go do his breaks. But he usually calls just to say hi.
Nothing. I feel like this is weird now. Idon't know. I
miss him and I told him that last night when I saw him. I
know he probably figured I was at work and he was busy so
what's the point anyways, but there's a point to me. I
don't know. I'm scared my heart is too into this. I broke
my own rules.

I drank to night. First time since I've been on these new
drugs,. I think my sister is right. I'm freaking out
inside and I think it's cuz of the alcohol. I don't know.
Good title right?