The Nine Faces of Dave
2003-12-18 07:22:01 (UTC)

spirits high at the end of the line

The end of finals week is drawing nigh, and I must be quite
confident about my CS final to be writing an entry, instead
of busting my ass studying. And you know what? I am quite
confident about my CS final. It's great to actually have an
understanding of everything, instead of being numbed by all
the busywork and unable to really learn anything.

Linear algebra final was Tuesday, and I think I probably did
all right. There is a distressing rumor going around about
there being no partial credit given on the final. Now this
may not be the worst possible thing; after all, it's likely
to screw over everyone instead of just a few people. But it
is still enough to make me a little more paranoid. Ah well,
I guess the world won't let us be great every time.

Haven't run into that girl from the gym since Saturday, but
that probably doesn't mean anything. I'm fairly certain she
lives off-campus anyway, which would explain why I only saw
her at the gym. I'm planning to go there Friday afternoon,
get in one last workout before I have to sit on my ass for a
good 10 hours on the damn train. So maybe I'll see her then
or something. I'm hoping to see her around again before my
departure; she's probably the most overtly friendly person I
have met around here. That may not say much in the context
of this school, but rest assured she is very nice. And, as
can probably be guessed, I'm kind of interested in her. So
there's the rest of my motivation.

I don't think my hopefulness is without merit, historically
at least. This sort of thing hasn't really happened before;
in fact back in the fat man days I usually got an unpleasant
response from attractive women. She would've seen me around
at some point, since we both use the weight room, and I got
no "oh god that ugly guy's talking to me" vibe, so I have no
reason to believe my appearance has worked against me. And
on Saturday, after we'd met properly, she was the aggressive
(in the positive sense) one in our (brief) conversation. I,
being dumb, was in a hurry to get started lifting.

Now yeah, she could just be really friendly. I knew plenty
of people (mostly girls) like that in high school. The big
difference here is that I'd known all those people for years
(some of them since 4th grade), and I've known this girl for
about six days. So it's positive ambiguity with a whole lot
of potential, and that's all right by me.

The situation could be slightly more complicated, as there's
a strong possibility that she may be a grad student. That's
uncertain of course, and even assuming it is the case, there
is still no reason I should panic. For all I know, any age
difference might not be that large.

At any rate, we'll see what happens. As the protagonist of
my life, I have a certain obligation to take the right risks
and do things right. I'll just have to hope that the right
path makes itself clear at some point.

My life is only interesting in the most mundane ways.

This is Dave, signing off.