My F.......N life is weird
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2003-12-18 06:16:23 (UTC)

I hate Christmas

OK it just great christmas is here and i hate it ...

I have to buy presents to everyone and cards and shit but
do i have money for that...noooooooooooooooooooooo

Cuz i have to pay rent bills insurance and all tha bullshit

i hate it and my dads b-day was 2 weeks ago and what i
bought him a stupid cake and my moms b-day is in 2 weeks
and i promissed her a persian kitten and do i have $300 for
that no i don't and my best friend is buying me a perfume
and i need to buy her something expensive and my fiance
needs clothes and stuff where am i supposed to get all that
money from ....HUH.....
ok ill just buy a lot of weed for my best friend my roomate
and my fiance but what about my family and my fiance's


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