My F.......N life is weird
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2003-12-18 05:49:00 (UTC)

My F....... life is weird

Here i will write everything that is going on in my life
the good and the bad
the sad and happy and more...

Right now i am in a position that no one understands me and
so i want to share with you and get suggestions.

It starts here...

When i was 15 i met this really incredible guy and we were
in love more than anyone in this world and we were together
for 10 months and i was supposed to get a fake marriage
with him and bring him to Canada with me (from israel) to
live, but the things turned out bad for me ... knowing the
date of our wedding and having a dress he had to go to New-
York from israel for 20 days and so he left and i waited
for him.... after 20 days i go to the airport to meet him
and he is not there i looked and i called and i waited but
he was not coming back to me and not even telling me the
reason why and didn't even call me or write me and his
parents didn't answer my questions so i came to Canada
broken hearted leaving everything behind.

So when i came here i met this really cool sweet and loving
guy from israel who cared for me but i guess that wasn't
enough... i went out with him for 5 months and wanted to
break up.
He came to my house and brought me flowers and we sat down
to talk suddenly he starts touching me and grabbing me so i
told him " STOP" but he wouldn't listen and so he raped
me... the next week i checked that his parents are home and
i went to tell him that i want to break up and instead i
got beatten up by him...........

7 months later on Valentines day i saw i guy and that was
love from first sight is was amazing and so we moved in
together after a week of knowing each other.... we have
been together for over 10 months and i love him more than
anything... well he is 8 years older than me and he still
didn't get divorce from his exwife... i really want to
marry him and have kids with him and at the moment we are
ENGAGED already but with the fights we have and that
divorce thing i am not sure anymore that this will ever
Thats the story of my life...

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