forever changing
2003-12-18 04:30:36 (UTC)

its been so long

i can not beleive that it already christmas time again wow!
i only have two more days left untill christmas break
starts and on friday i have four parties at school. yay!
well i guess i could talk about some of the things that
have been going on in my lifesince the last time i wrote.
well i was right about max and zoe, but that is old news
mike and i have been together for near 8 months and his
birthday was yesterday so i made him a cake adn went to see
him after school. ummm every thing with us is going great
and i could not be happier but i am pretty sure that he
would be happier if i was not going to montana. max's mo
invited me to his birthday party at their ranch in montana
and she is paying my way and everytrhing but mike is really
insecure about me going away for four days with another
guy, i have been trying to convince him that it will all be
fine and i know it will it is not like max would try
anything wiht me because even if he had the slightest idea
of doing anything i have made it clear to him that if he
dose anything mike will not hesitat to kill him adn not in
a joking manner.umm other than that, my water polo season
went really well. our team made it farther than any nu team
before it ans i was chosen for the first team in the leage.
i should be getting my lettermans jakety by friday i am so
excited. my mom is giving it to me for my birthday but i
get it when it is done because i want to take it with me to
montana. wel i am goin to go because i want to call and
talk to someone bye bye