2003-12-18 03:50:14 (UTC)

Lost it again...

So I wrote this nice little passage about how I am
neglecting more and more hanging out times, but before I
could save it, I got kicked off. So basically I rejected
Eric's christmas party due to low funds, The plan b of road
trip due to low funds and lack of interest. Which led into
how I'm not connecting with Chris anymore. I try not to
hang with him anymore. Tim is very cool though, and though
busy, steph is still on my allright list. I also, well I
can't find the proper word for this... I neglected I guess.
The opportunity to see lord of the rings on the first day,
today. I was making plans, but it wouldn't be the same
seeing it since I'm not that into it right now. I got other
things on my mind. Later