lyssa's Diary!
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2003-12-18 00:47:33 (UTC)

today.. im soo tired!

last night yet again didnt get to bed till very late. i
havent been able to sleep. one thing is i finally talked to
aj and we just went at it. that relationship is over and
always goin to be. i dont even think a friendship is gonna
be soon. Ne ways, last night i talked to my BESTEST FRIEND
CONNOR, who helped me on alot of issues while he was taken
a bath. LOL.. he makes me laugh, and i actully had a good
lol... ne ways when i got off of the phone i called AJ, he
answered and i was kinna upset cuz i found out he was
talken alot of shit about me, and i just kinna went off on
him, and then he was like "wtf?" and then he went off on
me. just to make it simple were both very stubborn and have
alot of issues to be fighten over this lol. (the AOL
thingy) i got so mad that when i finally did wake up i went
on his SN (yes i did) deleted my screen Names, and
everything, so he has no way of IMing me sense i really
dont think he knows my names by heart.. i could be wrong. i
deleted his number in my cell phone, and blocked him on my
AOL thingy. i know i went to the extreme but i really dont
wanna talk to him right now. then i went to school, it was
alright another day at school... i didnt have to perform my
mime thing again! i keep sliding by haha! then aerobics and
talked to thomas, and rashel, and amy.. there awesome! 3rd
and 4th, ugh... i about fell asleep! and in 4th i really
did.. i think i was snoring and i was for sure drooling..
but i needed to sleep! besides it was just on world war 1
lol. by the time i got home i was dragging but i wanted to
take my car out. but my mom said no cuz i had to clean my
room. BLAH! so i did... now shes deciding sense i get my
license on friday i really need to get out there, but shes
being rude about everything and im not liken how shes acten
this way. i really dont think she wants me to get it.
well... i dont know what else to say, im bored as hell and
im ready to get in my car... and deciding what im doin
friday night!... clubben with ashlee, hangen with Jessie,
partying with Connor, or kicken it with Matt?... hmm i
dunno... k then another day of alyssa's life, and yes i
know im boring lol!

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