es un fiesta

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2003-12-17 18:34:51 (UTC)


words that came with the flow
insights that never ceased to stop
listening just to know where can this lead?
this will never be.
the here and the there is in between
the maybe and what if
now the silence speaks for us
me and you
its stolen the once before and taken over the here after
are you letting the words that arent spoken whisper the
goodbyes i dont want to hear?
i remember that quiet puts the things where they are
supposed to be
not with us though maybe?
what if?
the here?
the there?
what happens to the unspoken silence?

go farther
stop now
go up
hesitation in the lips with the tongue
end it now
leave come back finishing when i go in
rest it there
now go up
too far touching
talk to me feeling
leave faster
tasting why did you leave
touch me
i'll feel you
understand the stopping
taste as we hesitate

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