es un fiesta

2003-12-17 18:23:42 (UTC)

lay still as you fall asleep

man james snores. loud, but its cute. in a weird way. i
like it when he falls asleep when we are on the couch, i
guess its the emo in me. i like it when people fall asleep
when they are with me, and only two people have fallen
asleep while with me. i really like being with james, he
makes me feel great and wanted. i like that, i hope i make
him happy and wanted. the gayest things make me happy while
with him. like when he's driving, when he holds my hand, i
feel infinite in ways that are unexplainable, yes all this
just because he holds my hand while driving. the small
things mean a lot to me. like when we are on his couch,
just being there beside him and his arm around me. man i
now know why people perceive me as "emo" i wrote a poem
about james, but he will most likely never read it because
i dont know how he will respond to it and i dont want to
seem like some idiot. so unless he asks, which i doubt will
happen because he doesnt know about it, yeah well then i am
off to sleep, cause thats what i like to do and there is
nothing else to do. ahh i know, i will copy and paste
entries from my old diary into this one. so they might be a
bit old but hey whatever... like anyone reads this anyway.
until then, later