Kylies Diary
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2003-12-17 18:13:31 (UTC)

being sick blows

hey yall. i have been sick for 4 friggen school days. why
is it you get super sick when you wanna be at school? we
have roller skating in gym! i paid 6 friggen dollars to
roller skate and im not even there to enjoy it! i have
youth in government tonight but i dotn think im gunna go.
i need to go christmas shopping!! i havent gone at all yet
and i only have 2 days!! AHHH! i know what im gunna get al
but thats about it. al is a girl hahahah thats alyssa aka
jo, but thats ok. i think she is angry with me. :( well if
i go shopping shell probably come with me. and i feel bad
telling her i cant do anything but i dont wanna get her
sick! man this blows! i have thrown up 3 times today! even
if im like dieing mom is making me go to school tomorrow.
i bet plocher is gunna like kill me. she hates me on a
good day but when im sick shell be like rib raw! im gunna
kill you! lol. im upset that i cant have the christmas
party but i think it will be funner at kerris. omg my moms
boyfriend wants her to wear a thong! EWWW! he already gave
her a hickey what more does he want... bad thoughts bad
thoughts. dustin hasnt e mailed me yet but he said he
would, i have faith. well im cold. my hands are like
frozen sausages.. hahaha be hot and stay cool.

(if i love you, then i love you lol)

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