hongi ^_^

walking fish
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2003-12-17 11:50:31 (UTC)

my eyes...

today when i was washing dishes, suddenly the clean liquid
just splashed into my eyes, so sore! now it is mid night,
but still feel very sore. :( it's really not my day.

but it's alright, to night i've just talked to my friend
vicky, she is so funny. tomorrow i am gonna go to auckland
university to make sure if i've enrolled. otherwise i might
not able to apply my visa for next year. may god bless me.

i really miss one my old friend in taiwan... he is
preparing his exam for next year, if he doesn't pass, he
might have to go to the army... i hope that he will be
fine, and to get what he want or he should have.

i remember that when i was in high school i liked him so
much... but i didn't dare to tell him, for about four
years. ^_^ i didn't dare to tell him is because that i
afraid that if he doesn't like me, it might be very
strange. until, i think i have known him for about 6 years,
i know the feeling will be paler and paler, but i wish he
will be fine. i hope that i can always be his friend. ain't
i silly?

anyway, i hope that i will get his mail soon, cos i got a
lot of things to tell him, but i just don't have his
address to reply to... have a nice day, all my friends!

love, hongi

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