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2003-12-17 05:51:02 (UTC)

funny convo... i had to put this in here!

OK this all started when i told someone that their profile

him: what was that bob* you made me an appt. for the gyno?
(implying this was kara* saying that)
me: yea kara*, i like getting up the butt
(implying this was bob* saying that)
him: thats not cool
him: i think im going to get the smell of cooch out of my
hoody now
(bc his hoody smells like karas* spray shit or something)
me: damn it my cooch must smell good then bc i get a lot of
compliments about smelling good
(this is all a joke by the way!! lol)
him: or maybe ill market the smell as a new glade product
him: with the same slogan "hey bill, plug it in, plug it in"
me: yea.. i think that would be good for you to use to
cover up the smell of your ass on your dildo
him: it wasn't my dildo, it was your moms
me: I thought it was your moms

wow, that prob sounds really dumb, but it got me laughing
which is something i haven't done in a while, funny funny

(* names have been changed to protect that innocent)
lol even thou i totally gave it away, unless you cant
figure it out... lol im dumb

its like 1 am and i have finals tomorrow, can you tell that
the glass of mt. dew is kicking it (damnit, i've gone a
good month w/o pop and i had to ruin it)