Euphoric Nothingness
2003-12-17 05:05:30 (UTC)

And I Come Crashing Back Down

Well folks my "Finals Fling" has ended. Theresa came over
around 1AM last night and broke the news to me. She said
that she "just wasn't feeling it". It was a hard thing to
take, but as long as she followed her heart, everything
will be just fine in time.

As she was telling me, she began crying. That was the
hardest part of the whole ordeal. She was obviously hurt
because she thought she was hurting me. I am upset and
all, but I'm not hurt. I guess destiny doesn't have us
together at this point in our lives.

Today was not an easy day for me. As I was putting the
books on the 3rd floor shelves this morning, the whole
scene from the night before kept circling in my mind.
Theresa had a 6-hour drive home today. I can't possibly
imagine how she must have felt...

I am glad the we "seperated" on such good terms. I know
that we're going to be good friends in the long run. This
experience really brought us very close, especially in
such a short span. Once she gets back and we figure
things out, we are going to be strong friends for
hopefully a long time.

I really respect Theresa for coming over essentially in
the middle of the night and telling me in person. I know
that it wasn't easy for her and she showed me a lot by
making the half-hour drive. I admire the courage that it
took for her to tell me in person instead of online or
something like that.

In the end, our week and a half was a hell of a lot of
fun. I will always have those memories. Theresa was a
lot of firsts for me, and our finals week will not be soon
forgotten. She has made me feel like a real person again,
instead of the robot who works and works and works that I
had become accustomed to being. It was a nice change. As
long as me and Theresa are friends and remain on good
terms, everything will work out for the best for each of
us in the end............