the excitingness of my life
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2003-12-17 01:26:50 (UTC)


Spoon out my heart.
Im no good and ur no better. So wouldnt we be perfect
My lips are like a razor blade so let me kiss ur wrists. My
hands are like a dagger into u. I'll be gentle not to break
ur heart and percise when i cut u up. When ur fading Im
nowhere to be found. Look at u now. Look at what Ive done.
Arnt u proud of me? Let me kiss ur wrists over and over
again. Let my hands caress ur heart. Im forever in u now my
I really want to hate u. To put the poison on my lips and
kiss u 1 last time is like a love song I repeatedly play.
I'll watch u fall but dont worry. Im always there to catch
u. I'll be ur reason for life and the reason u die. I've
got ur heart in my hands and im never letting go. So scream
out ur apopogies of which I cannot hear. I'll be seeing u
in hell.
Im not ur star.
id give u a rose but u'd slit my throat with the thorns.

stick a knife through my heart you caused so much pain. I
will give you your birthday wish and kill myself, after all
you never loved me so here i am on the kitchen floor
waiting for all the blood to drain from my body. I only
have one thing to say to you before i die, I will see you
in hell.