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2003-12-17 00:42:48 (UTC)

I feel like poo

Lets start with yesterday... whoa... HA it was great, i
meet my mom after school for a dr. appointment and then we
head off to the hospital for a flu shot, that thing hurt!
but yea, we talked to my mom's supervisor and there is a
good chance the hospital might hire me to do some of the
bitch work, like going thru 3,000 files and getting rid of
old ones and alphabatizing the ones left, i could so do
that kinda work! lol and ill get like 8 an hour, so i could
so use that for when i dont work at blue chip, so in other
words, during the week! lol!! speaking of blue chip...
yesterday emily and i worked 6-10 together and boy was it
was a f'ing blast... we get there to find out nothing was
done before us, so we had to bake like everything in the
world, and on top of that... within an hour, i waited on 3
seperate costumers which each ordered at least 3 dozen
cookies, which totally wiped us out, so emily and i are
running around trying to do shit plus bake some damn
cookies, i was pissed, and then our boss called and i found
out that im not selling enuff stuff... my ass, whatever, so
emily and i were pissed about that and then our little
spies (the damn place across the way) stared at us the
whole time so i swear to god the next time they do it im
going to jump up on the counter do a song and dance, turn
around bend over and moon them, i am so sick of them!
Today was actually decent, well the morning... during
business law, we put a poster of a whole bunch of bull shit
over a window that you could see in from the business
office, bc mrs. meece rated out cornett the other day bc we
were watching xmas vacation, and the hilarious part is that
when we hung up the poster, mrs. meece was sitting right
under that window at her desk and her expression was
classic... and cornett was like "ill show that bitch" lol!
well, free days in psych and us history were a plus but as
soon as i got to trig i started to feel really sick, like i
had shooting pains on the left side of my head... and i
just like fell asleep and didn't even realize it... mrs k
woke me up like right in front of the class and i just told
her i had a migrain, which im not sure if that was even
it.. but yea, i left class early like usual, to beat the
traffic in the hall, ha, and i just was walking, and i just
started to cry, im not really sure, it could have been bc
of my head or bc of stress or i dont know, it was weird...
then i went to accounting and i had to leave to go to the
bathroom bc i started crying again, im so frusterated bc i
dont know whats the matter with me, but i went back to
class to hear john and brian be total assholes to me, im
starting to re-think that class being my favorite... oh
well, after school i came home and went shopping with my
mom, im finally getting some of this damn xmas shopping
Something very interesting happened today that i forgot to
mention, my mom got a call right before we walked out the
door and it was my grandma. She called and was like "i
just thought id let you know im home" and my mom is was
like "home from what" and my grandma said "the hospital,
ive been there since saturday didn't you know" and my mom
was all pissed bc no one had gotten a hold of us to inform
us of this, none of my aunts or uncles did, they piss me
off so much sometimes, they hate my mom for no reason
except she is much better off in life than they are
(finacially and w/ her family and job, etc.) and thats so
dumb its not even funny. So yea, none of us knew that over
the weekend my grandma had a mini-stroke, god i cannot wait
till xmas i might just give them a piece of my mind, or
just not show up at all, i cant deal with their shit.
But anyway its finals week, joy joy... so i guess i should
go study... riiiiight!

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