2003-12-17 00:39:19 (UTC)

i just need to be ignored til i wake up to the beauty that is yours

..and it all comes to life so suddenly.

i really want to see peter pan.

"I never make plans more than 2 days in advance." "THATS
your rule???" "Yeah because if you make plans more than 2
days in advance, you have expectations, and when you have
expectations, then you end up getting
disappointed." "Having expectations also gives you things
to look foward to." "Yeah so you can look foward to being
constantly disappointed."

i like this chick on the gilmore girls.

finals are over. i didnt even take the psych final, it was
retarded, no one showed up, and hes like "i'm giving you a
b." okay.

so i went to the scary doctor.. that was great. i have to
go back so they can stick a camera up in me and look for
shit and scrape some shit and i dont know its really kinda
scary. and i have to take some stupid pills for a month.
not birth control though i told him i dont want that.

i went to the mall with caroline. got something else for
dawn. im having so much trouble with claudia. but everyone
else is done unless i decide to get that one thing for
caroline. then i saw erica. that was fun. since i
already saw saima and bonnie. make me puke.

i want the new tori cd! and the new nelly furtado cd! i
wanted to get it for caroline but i was afraid she would
get it first or something i dont know.

im not worrying about anything anymore. im tired of it.
throughly and completely tired of it.