2003-12-16 20:09:57 (UTC)


Today is my birthday! So far this morning

1) My best friend called and sang "Happy Birthday" to me and
we chatted for a while
2) I baked a cherry and an apple pie and made a batch of
mincemeat turnovers
3) I washed the sheets and made the bed
4) I mopped the kitchen floor
5) I watered the flower pots on the front porch and swept
the porch
6) The social worker from the hospital called and told
me which rehabilitation center my Dad had chosen for
Mom. It looks like he picked the closest one to
his home. I went to the medicare website and checked
it out and it looks fine; no complaints filed and
they have a higher than average patient to nursing
staff ratio.
7) I picked up the mail and found FOUR cards for me!
8) John called from work but I couldn't answer in time
because my hands were covered in pie dough but he
left a message telling me that the company's
Christmas gift this year is a honey-baked ham and four
bottles of sparkling cider.
9) I defrosted a chicken for dinner
10) I ate a candy cane

In the afternoon....
1) I called Gavin. Last night his girlfriend called,
concerned that he might be sick. He'd gone to
work so John and I drove to Corvallis to check him
out. I brought a thermometer with me which I
left with him. He didn't have a fever but
seemed tired and lethargic. I questioned him
about other symptoms--sore throat, stiff neck,
difficulty breathing, pain anywhere but he said
no to all of it. When I talked to him this morning he
still sounded kind of out of it but I think I woke
him up. He promised to call me this evening on
his break and I told him I'd also call him tomorrow
morning. Maybe I'm being an overprotective Mom
but this isn't like Gavin at all. I don't think he
has the flu or meningitis but now I'm thinking maybe
mono. I may take him to the doctor Thursday morning
to have him checked out for my own peace of mind if
nothing else.
2) I called the medical insurance administrators. They want
to cancel Gavin's health insurance because I haven't
proven that he's a full time university student.
That's what they say, anyway. They want the
university's Registrar Office to send them letter
stating that. The Registrar's Office says they won't
do that and suggested printing out a copy of his class
schedule from his student webpage. The administrators
say that's not good enough. was good enough
for Owen. It seems they have different "groups" of
employees look at the paperwork as it comes in. One
group approved Owen. Another won't approve Gavin
although he sent in the exact same paperwork!
ARGGGG! I talked to a supervisor. She said to send
in the paperwork again. I did that over a week ago.
I haven't heard anything back and they tell me they'll
cancel his health insurance as of January 1st. I've
been waiting all afternoon for a call back and haven't
gotten one. John talked to the union rep and he was
told to file a grievence. If I don't hear anything
by Thursday I'll ask him to file Friday. (He's on
vacation next week.)
3) The hospital social worker called at about 1:00 p.m.
Mom's doctor wanted a family meeting at 3 p.m. this
afternoon to discuss her feeding arrangements. I
reached John to tell him; he said he'd be home by
2:15 p.m. I got a clean shirt out for him, found
his wallet and his van keys, prepared dinner as much
as possible and gave instructions to Jack, changed
my clothes and combed my hair. Then the social
worker called at 2:00 p.m. and cancelled the meeting.
I called John to let him know but thankfully he hadn't
yet asked his boss if he could leave early. The
meeting was cancelled because the doctor had talked
with the speech therapist who had assessed Mom
and they were confident she was eating enough that
she wouldn't require a feeding tube so there was no
reason for a meeting.
4) I've almost done quilting my Christmas star quilt and
want to start on a four-patch crib quilt made of
fabrics circa 1920.
5) John is talking about buying a digital camera for me for
Christmas. If he does I'll then be able to put
pictures of the quilts I've made on the Internet and
e-mail them.
6) I went to the little store to buy eggnog. I was
surprised at how expensive it was-- $3.89 for a half
gallon! I put aside some mincemeat turnovers. John
and I will have those for dessert tonight with rum
laced egnnog.
7) John and I never did have that eggnog. I was so tired I
decided to lie down in bed after dinner for a little
rest and to read and I fell asleep. I woke up at 9:30
and checked the caller ID on the phone and saw that
Gavin hadn't phoned. I knew that 9:30 was when he got
off work so I called his cell phone and he didn't
answer but I left a message ending with "Don't make
me come track you down!" The phone rang immediately
after I hung up. He'd just turned on his cell phone
and checked for messages and found mine. He
remembered to wish me a Happy Birthday, said he
couldn't get tomorrow off and that he was feeling
much better. He sounded good too--happy and
enthusiastic not lethargic and exhausted like
the previous two times I'd talked to him.
8) John had also fallen asleep early and woke up when I
made the phone call. He was the one who'd suggested
I add "Don't make me come track you down!" to my
message. We talked a while about Christmas, the boys
and my mother. I fell back asleep at about ten thirty
and John was reading.
9) Before I went to bed I started another load of laundry.
Laundry is forever.
10)I was awake at 4 a.m. which wasn't too surprising as
as I'd had more than eight hours of sleep by then.
I also realized I missed choir practice last night.