Visions Of Life
2003-12-16 17:06:28 (UTC)

Things That Irritate Me

#1- People online who whine about how they are so poor they
cant eat and cant have christmas. But yet they are at home,
online all day and night. If you are so poor you cant eat,
sell the damn computer and cancel the internet account. If
you cant do that then you must not be that bad off.

#2- People who talk about how they are destined to be with
a certain someone, but that person wont do a damn thing for
them. Love involves sacrafice, and if a person wont
sacrafice for you, you are probally just being used for sex

#3- People who purposely talk and write like ghetto trash.

#4- People who have such big dreams of being rich, famous,
whatever, yet do nothing but sit on their ass, telling
everyone that they will be rich one day

#5- People whose life goal is to be rich. How shallow is
that? I like people who dream of helping others or making a
difference and do not care about material possessions.

#6- White suburban boys who think they are mexican
gangsters (my brother)