Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-12-16 16:18:00 (UTC)

Warm hearts together

I'm particularly in a good mood right now. My girl is
at school right now. Sometimes I just can't stop myself
from thinking about her... Its impossible! Especially since
what we did last night... ;) Well it wasn't the real thing,
but it was like internet sex I guess. It was sooooo hot. It
ended up being way better than I thought. I had so much pre-
cum, I was like... drenched lol. I hope the real thing is
just as sexy. I've been practically walking around with an
erection all day! _
I'm doing 200 situps and 200 arm curls everday now. (I
usually do a little more than that though) Its been raining
off and on and snowing a little also. Well, as for US news
I believe they've captured saddam now. Its about time
right? haha Oh well you shouldn't start a massive evil army
and terrorize people in the first place! You
peace is almost an impossible dream. But I dunno. So long
as I'm not caught up in nuclear chaos I'm good ;)
I bought Astrid a good Christmas present!! ^_^ ... I
spent everything I had. All thats left do now is pay the
postage, and write a letter to send with it. ah... to tell
the truth, I've NEVER spent that much on a girl I love...
I'm so happy. I told her yesterday about how our love for
each other isn't just the normal kind of love anymore. Its
TRUE love... The kind that most couples are afraid to be in
because of how powerful it is. In fact, its so strong that
it can kill us both if we aren't careful enough. She told
me like... after all, what is a relationship without a few
arguements right? Shes right though. Then I told her that
I'll alway come back to apoligize.... even on my knees.
She said she would too. :) So, I don't think we should
worry about that too much. Its best not to worry about it
until it happens I guess. I'm glad that we get along so
well now... and that we've been so honest and good too. ^_^
Its hard sometimes to tell something that hurts to say. I
know becaus I had to tell her a lot of things about me that
she might not like. But I'm glad its over it with for
now! :) I'm gonna go now and find something to do until she
gets home. later