down in my eyes
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2003-12-16 07:07:37 (UTC)

all thats jet.

Last wednesday, was ALL THATS LEFTs chain show. It was
AWESOME, & i got to hang out with my lovahs alll
night. Steve loved the reprints i gave him, They
Rocked, & the show sold out. I know Steve, or, if not,
Tom, would have allowed me in tho, if i didn't have my
ticket. It was wonderful, & to top it off,... last
night, I went to ALL THATS LEFTs last california show.
Or, atleast until next summer, according to Steve.
I'monna miss 'em much, but i was soo happy to see my
boys again.

Thee greatest part, was while they were performing, &
Joey kept acknowledging me... 'n the fact that i was
the Only one Steve went up to, while strumming his
geeetar. The Only one he went to hump, anyway.
Silly boy.

Alan freaked me out this morning. i thought he was
just being a jackass, when he opened my door & walked
in my room right after i woke up. I ended up having to
push him out, so i could get ready for work. It
bothered me all fucking morning, that i just had to
call the house, during my lunch break. After i spoke
to chris, i was informed alan had been sleepwalking.
T'was relieving, yet,... so aggravating.
But i must let it go..

Alan, but mainly Chris, are fucking Simpson fanatics.
I've been chilling with them, while they've been
playing this damn simpson video game, for like, the
past 7 hours. It seems like that long, anyway. &
Chris still has so MUCH enthusiasm, after all this
time. I guess it is sorta cute tho,... in a funky way.
Thee game, that is.

milhouse:" we need to talk.."

lisa: "it's not the right time-"

milhouse: "it's never the right time."