Dave's Mental Meanderings
2003-12-16 05:24:38 (UTC)

Poem - "One Last Night on Earth"

You’ve been watching the storm rolling in from afar,
Ironically till now you ignored it,
You parallel parked as the heat lightning arced
When you know you should really have floored it.
A powerful pestilence is plaguing the planet
And it’s too late to pray you don’t catch it,
The wood’s easy finding in the dark winter forest
But you’re far too afraid to go fetch it.
A curse has been haunting the land of the sand
Of the stone that was thrown to prevent it,
We were given a gift to bridge any rift,
But of course we’ve all gone and spent it.
This curse lay dormant from the very beginning,
But it didn’t take long to free it,
We were willing to die for a voice from on high,
We searched for the source but couldn’t see it.
At the dawn of days the puzzle was placed,
But nobody thought to arrange it,
So the light never shone on what’s now set in stone
And it’s far too late now to change it.
The infidels faltered and failed to act fast
When the power was theirs to erase it,
When confusion was ripe the delusional type
Dove right in to embrace it.
Living a life of carnage and strife
While never thinking to leave it,
Killing their brothers for the sins of their mothers
Who never once chose to believe it.
They pawned off their power with prayers of oppression
When openly they should have embraced it,
The most beautiful virtue unique to mankind,
But like ignorant fools they defaced it.
Your fathers before you have drawn up the deed
And now it’s yours to inherit,
But you’re singing a song that can set your soul free,
It’s up to you now to share it.
You’ve got one last night on Earth to throw back,
It’s yours to live up so don’t waste it,
The sky is too calm for the rain’s yet to fall,
But a few of us can already taste it.
Consequences are now a moot point,
So live out loud and enjoy it,
If you’ve got one last trick stashed up in your sleeve,
Now is the time to employ it.
Damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead,
Sing loudly your song and don’t hide it,
If only we’d lived like this all along,
We could lasso the storm and ride it.