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2003-12-16 04:05:55 (UTC)

Perfection or the lack there of...

Perfection of the heart starts in a certain place for one
such as me, love. A word stated so quietly in one's heart
and then stated so falsly through his actions. To entrust
something as great as love to actions is like suicide to the
heart, slowly killing it off to those that can't express
themselves in the means of which they wish too. One little
mistake in the form of an "action" can ruin love and break
the heart.

A heart maybe broken with debris of love crushing the
remains, but to give up completely is wrong. To lose love
hurts, but to lose hope...that's the worst thing one can do.
I've given up on sorrow, and I've turned my back on
heartache, and for once in a long time my heart is becoming
whole again.

So hold lets hold our glasses high and toast our lives,
love, and despire away. I'm threw...

"The sedatives tell you everything is all right..."

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