the excitingness of my life
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2003-12-16 03:17:45 (UTC)

someone send me to a shrink go ahead i know u want to

i fucking hate my ex-BF david.......

~get your chains off me im not yours~

~just a small slit in my wrist is all it takes to make me

~thanks for choosing your drugs over me~

~i thought you said we were friends why are you ignoring me?

~again i find my hands at your throat~

~sometimes it seems the only way to get rid of you is to
slit your throat~

~i wish i never met you~

~ill send you razorblades for christmas~

~ill SHOW YOU how to use them if you want~

~im high around you~

~i want to drown you in my blood~

~i would spill my blood for you~

~again i hurt myself for you~

~my breath is getting shorter all beacuse of you~

~our blood will meet in paradise~

~im lost for you~