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2003-12-16 02:50:56 (UTC)

my first entry

sup im josh um this is my first entry this is not my
official first im going to start tomarro but un til then my
frind dave is guna tell you about me

Hi, I'm Dave, and... yeah. Josh is a ladies man. He is
outgoing, and very nice "while partying". Too nice, if you
ask me, he should just kick everyone's asses with a big
stick, because everyone around here deserves it. He gets to
know people to the point where he is psychologically
breaking down. Music is a big part of his life, and again,
needs to drop-kick people in the face more. He thinks a
lot, if not too much about everything. I can best describe
him as a free spirit. He has his own image in mind, even
though he can change it for the right occation. Hmm...
Christ I'm terrible at things like this. He lives for the
moment, and thinks mostly about future outcomes. I'm sorry
I can't think of diddly-shit, so I just have one last thing
to say- use that big stick and kick some well-deserving
asses! the next entry will be my frind paul's opinion.
lator on tonight...... lator:)
(thanks dave)